The Auxiliary's Americanism program promotes patriotism and responsible citizenship. Additionally, the Americanism program strives to uphold and promote American ideals and the principles of democracy. The goal of the Auxiliary's Americanism program is to educate every citizen on the fundamentals of American government, the Bill of Rights and the value of active, informed involvement in the home, in the Auxiliary organization and in the community.

What can I do to promote the Americanism program? As an individual Auxiliary member, you can vote, educate the public on flag etiquette, voting issues, and the Constitution, educate children on Americanism issue, contact legislators regarding the flag amendment, and much more. You can promote the Americanism Essay Contest in your child/grandchild’s school, in your church, and other places where children could be interested in the contest. Do not forget about children that are home schooled. Lastly, you and your Unit can aide The American Legion with their Americanism program. These programs include: American Legion Baseball, Oratorical Contest, and Junior Shooting Sports.

For more information about the items discussed in this focus, and the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Kansas Americanism program, go to http://www.kslegionaux.org/americanism.html.


The Auxiliary Leadership program’s main focus is to develop and prepare knowledgeable and capable leaders to carry on the growth and success of the Auxiliary by promoting activities and resources that educate, motivate, and mentor members of all ages on all levels and phases of our programs. Some leaders are born, but most are trained to be good leaders. No matter what the experience, education, or technical skill, most anyone can be trained to be a leader if they are willing to make a commitment, devote their time and energy to listen, learn, and communicate.

What does it mean to be a leader? You might think of leadership as being an officer or a chairman. This is leadership, but there is so much more to being a leader than a title or a position. Every single person reading this newsletter is a leader. You are the influencer and manager of your family. You are employed or retired from a career you managed well. You are respected by your local church and service organizations. You have many hobbies and experiences to share. Leadership is all about finding a niche you do well, then teaching others how to do it too. For example, you might enjoy planning parties, so volunteer to help decorate the Post home for holidays, dinners, and events. You might have an arts and crafts hobby, so volunteer to help coordinate a unit craft fair/bake sale. Everything you do has value and makes you a leader.

What can I do to promote the Leadership program? You can volunteer to mentor a new or prospective Auxiliary member. Sharing your knowledge of ALA history, programs, and organization is a valuable service to the Auxiliary. The ALA Academy, offered through the national website, is a great tool to educate members regarding general history of the organization and teach practical issue regarding unit and membership management. All members are encouraged to take these classes. Also, there are a vast number of documents and materials at your finger tips that help guide our organization. These items include: Unit Guide Book, Constitution and Bylaws (all levels of the organization), Department Operations Guide, Girls State/Legislative/Poppy Program Guide, and much more. Last, but certainly not least, every Auxiliary member must nurture a culture of Goodwill at all levels of this organization. First impressions are lasting impressions. Many times how comfortable and welcomed a person feels is how she perceives the organization from that point forward. Let our actions be a living example of the Goodwill mission and objectives of the American Legion Auxiliary.

For more information about the items discussed in this focus (including direct link to ALA Academy on the national website), and the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Kansas Leadership program, go to http://www.kslegionaux.org/leadership.html. (2018-2019 Leadership Page will be updated by July 15.) You can also find direct links to the following information on the Kansas website: most important organization management guides at http://www.kslegionaux.org/member_resource.html, and Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules for all levels of our organization at http://www.kslegionaux.org/governance.html.




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